Venetian Blinds come in a range of different types, styles, textures and colours. Choose from timber, timberstyle and aluminum venetian blinds.


Timber Venetian Blinds offer elegance and practicality to any home, while also adding to the value. Venetian blinds allow you the option to control the amount of light entering your home, giving you ventilation if windows are open, whilst still being able to maintain privacy.


Timberstyle venetian blinds are made from high quality polystyrene polymers and have the look of timber venetians, however these blinds are resistant to cracking, warping and peeling, whilst maintaining their colour, quality and also with the ability to wash with a damp cloth.


Aluminum Venetians are a straightforward low maintenance choice for those looking to maintain privacy to their house while having light control. Like the timberstyle, these blinds are long lasting and easy to clean.